From The Developer:
I believe using vortex based technology we can achieve technological greatness. Harness the free unlimited energy provided from the cosmos, travel anywhere in the universe, end all diseases, and even create unlimited food. Before proceeding I recommend looking into The Venus Project.

Windows: vbm-installer.msi
Linux: vbm-lin.tar.gz
Chrome: Available in the Chrome Web Store!
Android: Available on Google Play!
Our environment is constructed by using a monetary market based economy. Which is then controlled through politics which makes transitioning towards a resource based economy even more relevant, but harder to awaken those that don't understand how the economic system works.

We don't just live in this reality we also make the reality we experience!

I love technology, and I love people, but seeing and knowing where we are going in our evolution with this self controlled monopoly of a system hurts, because so many people don't know or understand, let alone are dependant upon it. So I feel it is my obligation to assist towards a resource based economy otherwise will continue down a destructive path we may never be able to get out of.

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